28 October 2013

Government IT Sucks

Just arrived at home after meeting with some Government agency today, and I proudly say their IT Department Sucks.

In the meeting the Guy was showing me some documents in his PC, which had windows 7 loaded. He had IE9 pinned in his bar, there were few desktop icons of Firefox and Chrome but after showing me some page he used to hit the X(close) button to quit the IE and again hit the pinned icon to start new window again and type some URL . At first I thought may be IE (as always) hanged and he just restarted the browser, but after sometime I realized he didn't know about tabbed browsing. He was saying the computers just got upgraded and he is still getting familiar with things. With his way of using Browser, without any doubt the Government agency might had Windows XP with IE6 before upgrade. That means the systems in Government agencies get upgraded once in 10 years.

The way he hit pinned IE was pinching my heart, I was asking to myself why don't he just use Firefox or Chrome as they were also installed in the system, but then he was showing me with pride in IE that the websites he usually visits are kept as favorite and with just one click he can visit the site. In other word he mean to say Bookmarking, I wonder if he'd love the Speed dial Chrome offers.

He showed me new Microsoft office package and that was MS 2007, and opened the Calendar system to book another meeting with me. The way he presented me the IT things that they use, I felt they were already 5-6 years behind from now and as he said the computers just got upgraded, that means Government agencies are not up-to-date in terms of technology, but the question is when they are upgrading the system anyhow why still upgrade with old software? Doesn't upgrading means to have something new ? He just uses what is presented/available to him, but the IT department should really feel ashamed that they upgrade the system in today's world with 5 years old software.

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