09 September 2013

Buddha was not Born in Nepal

I keep getting this facebook Pages suggestion and requests of petition from People saying Buddha was born in Nepal, Buddha was born in India, etc. and hell lotza comments about people swearing at each other. This bullshits made me to rant about it.

The keyboard war among Nepalese and Indians raise the flame, Nepalese claiming Buddha was born in Nepal, Indians claiming Buddha was born in India or Nepal was once part of India, whatever it is, I feel this as very disgusting topic to start the war.

The scientists say, Buddha was born around 2500-2600 years ago, and at that era there was NO any country called Nepal or India. There were small kingdoms ruled by Kings, in-fact Buddha was born in Royal family itself. I have never heard the Whole India being rules by single King, and Unification of Nepal was started some 200 years ago, Now who is right. Mother-fuckers both are wrong, and trying to convince each other by saying I am right and you are wrong. Stop Bullshitting yourself and do something productive.

If you start realizing Why Buddha Was Born instead of Where Buddha was Born then you'd realize that you all are fooling yourself. Buddha's message was to spread Peace, and these two people are fighting National Keyboard War. If you look at the countries too, then both of these countries are good exam which lacks Peace. Nepal is highly corrupt and has internal war among people, whereas India have never been peaceful since Poms left them.

Wherever Buddha was born, How ever Buddha was born, To Whomever Buddha was born is not the main focus why Buddha was born. He was born to spread Peace and teach people the Art of Peaceful Living, and this keyboard war shows you are far from understanding the message from Buddha. You should really feel shameful to fight for the person whose whole life was dedicated to spread message of peace.

Peace on you.


  1. Buddha's birth-place is in Nepal, if you understand what I mean. And Indians have no right to claim what is ours to be theirs at all. It is not about the teachings of Buddha. It is about the dominating nature of India to Nepal. We are in no way to tolerate it. And I am not a buddhist. I am the son of a Gurkha.

  2. fuck u if u do not publish my comment

  3. It's not about fighting but it's about truth and lie.Why you are acting like you have a bad feelings when people says Lord Buddha was born in Nepal.You better remember one truth that it does not matter to the world where he was born but it does to Nepalese and we can't hear when some gay of this world comes out and shout saying Lord Buddha was born in India.My question to you how you feel or act when your neighbors claims that you are their son?Think your father is already dead..Now Do you take your Mum as a whore?How do you go for DNA Check because your real father is already dead and your thousand neighbors claiming that you made by their own DNA.

  4. hey, I typed a long comment and got logged out again, but nevermind.
    peace on you, brother.