27 August 2013

LinkedIn Sucks

LinkedIn really sucks. Do you have a professional linkedin profile and you think it sucks, we are in the same league. Its good to have a professional profile in linkedin but the service they provide really sucks.

The concept of use of LinkedIn might have changed in recent years too, as it is viewed more of a job hunting or recruiting platform rather than just social professional profile. Since I made a linkedin profile I have been getting this unwanted contact request, messages from recruiters looking to fill some positions, etc.

Privacy is the main concern in LinkedIn, I have been maintaining my privacy to the utmost, still in FREE profile, the service ridiculously sucks. It might be different in premium membership, I haven't used it, but for free members it keeps on asking you to upgrade in every step while browsing the site.

10 people visited your profile in 7 days, please upgrade to see all.

Whenever I log in to see my profile, the message at top comes, This person has this skills, do you want to endorse them ? fuck no, I don't even know the person.

All the bloody recruiters wants to add me and advertise for same job postings, some even sends messages saying am I interested ? Do they even know that I am working ?

LinkedIn today at home page was enough, but look at the quality of posts, OMFG that sucks.

Now linkedIn forces sponsored posts for free account holders, common have some common sense, you want to make money doesn't mean load bullshits in our content. Learn at-least something from facebook.

I have disabled receiving emails from LinkedIn, still I receive weekly email saying this and that company has vacancy that I might be interested in. Seriously, does anyone do job hunting via linkedIn? If so, then Good Luck, but your better bet would be indeed.com


  1. I also have the same problem with LinkedIn Ads. They charged me wrongly and for not paying them wrong amount, they terminated my account, accounts of all employees of our firm, our group on LinkedIn,all for no reason. We have created a page on facebook, plz visit & like this page to support this cause- http://lnkd.in/b7cmGkw

  2. Good points. LinkedIn's purpose has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. Here are some other observations that I made - http://www.huntshire.com/Pointers/32/the-problem-with-linkedin

  3. I'm a resume expert and I'm pretty sure nobody finds a job on LinkedIn. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's just used as a tool to see what applicants look like. I've shared my frustrations in a rant here: http://resumegenius.com/blog/five-reasons-why-linkedin-is-overrated