09 July 2013

English Football Vs Media

I feel pity for England and its fans when it comes to football. England won the World cup in 1966 with a goal that was never a goal. It can be one time luck, but that luck doesn't always follow you specially when the game have changed vastly and you are living in the same old Dream that we've won the world cup once.

Technically speaking, English players have not been good enough to win any major tournament any time, but the media hype is always high. Media just fake praise English footballers saying they are super-stars for their premier league club and with them they'll go to win the World Cup or Major tournament. The reality is they have never reached later stages of the game since long time. The same media which used to praise them starts rubbish news against the same footballers after the exit from the tournament.

This is just a media hype for media people to sell their product, they also know English football have never been strong in last 50 years, so, how can this be overturn in one tournament ? So, they all do to sell their paper at first by praising footballers and later by slamming them.

I don't think it is English footballers' fault, as they have never been good, it is media's fault by bringing nonsense hopes among people about optimisms.

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